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    Don't have any water?

    1. Check your reset button if it's available. It should be located under your control box.
    2. Check to make sure your electrical breaker is turned on.
    3. Do you have water anywhere in the house? Make sure to check your outside faucets!
    4. Check and clean any filters and bypass any softening equipment.

    Trouble with water pressure?

    1. Check and clean any filters and bypass any water softening equipment.
    2. Do you have water anywhere in the house? Make sure to check your outside faucets!
    3. How much water are you trying to use? Can your pump keep up with the demand?
    4. Check for a broken water line.

    Does your pump keep cycling?

    It's important that you call for service. It is possible that your pressure tank needs to be replaced or recharged. Without immediate service your pump may break down as continual cycling is main reason for premature pump failure. Just give us a call and we'll come and inspect the problem.

    How much water should you have?

    The average residential pump size is capable of producing 10-12 gallons per minute.
    Please call with any other questions you may have. The solution may be simpler than you think and we're always happy to help solve simple problems over the phone.

    Questions to ask when comparing well contractors:

    • Well casing thickness. What thickness is well casing is being used? We use SDR 21 (sch 80) thick plastic well casing
    • Is the casing cleaned out before entering with drill to ensure no obstructions are present that may crack casing?
    • What is the pressure rating of the drop pipe to pump? (we use 630 psi, sch 80 thick wall pvc pipe at a minimum.
    • Do they use flat or twisted drop cable to pump? (we use flat cable that is less likely to chaff in bore hole?
    • Do they install check vales if drop pipe exceeds 200 ft. as suggest by pump manufacturer?
    • Do they use pump flow sleeves to cool pump motors as suggested by the pump manufacturer?
    • Do they use wire connection shrink wrap kits or just black tape under water connections?
    • Do they use torque arestors and wire guards to center/wedge pump in well to avoid wire chaffing that leads to most service calls of pump failures, commonly found when “black roll” polyethylene pipe is used.
    • Do they install filters? We install the largest whole house filter to every well to ensure pure filtered entering your home.
    • Do they install a receptacle at the well for plugging in heat tape or mean of freeze proofing well pipes and plumbing?
    • Do they use stainless steel manifolds/bronze manifolds or plastic?
    • Do they use Square D pressure switch or pressure switch made in China?
    • What are their warranties on equipment. We offer a 5 year warranty on our pumps and a 7 year warranty our bladder tanks.
    • What size/horse power pump will you be getting? Will it be sized according to well depth and yield? Will it deliver pressure needed for system demands and expectations?
    We can help troubleshoot problems. Call: 704-636-7879